There are 2 packages available:


£500 and £200.



The £500 package



Photographer available at all times from


when I arrive (time agreed with client)


until I leave, usually after the


first dance.


No limit on the number of photos taken.


You will receive around 100 edited photos


at 6x4 inches (10-15cm).


Plus 40 edited images at 9x6 inches


You will also receive a disk with all the


images including any copyright.



The £200 package


I will take photos half an hour before the


ceremony and up to 2 hours after.


You will receive 20 9x6 inches photos


plus a disk with the 20 edited photos.


Prices are very competitive.....




               6x4 inches     £3.00 each

9x6 inches    £5.00 each

12x8 inches    £8.00 each

16x12 inches £12.00 each

20x16 inches £18.00 each

Key Rings         £2.00 each

Fridge Magnets £2.00 each



40 x 30 inches £70 each

30 x 20 inches  £35 each

20 x 16 inches  £28 each

16 x 12 inches  £23 each

12 x 8 inches £18 each



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